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Larger-than-life impact.

Jim Lusty’s larger-than-life impact comes from a boundless energy and positivity.

Behind this playful approach is a man with a track record for challenging and growing organisations, helping them to accomplish and embed creative cultures.

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Jim has the unique and sought-after ability to connect with people holistically to successfully innovate both their work and life. People leave his keynote speeches feeling energised, inspired, and ready to make change.

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Unlock your creative genius

In his keynote speech, Jim helps people learn how to embrace experimentation and be more creative and energetic every day, making their work more human and fun, all whilst driving bottom-line results.

A powerhouse of creativity, Jim has a strong awareness for the needs of others and a fast mind. He balances both the strategic and emotional demands of people incredibly well and he does all this with a big smile on his face… which is always contagious.

Simon Daglish
Deputy Managing Director, ITV

Jim’s simple, human approach to creative leadership helped to teach the our teams that work is all about how we show up every  day, not instilling clever techniques and  processes. We have applied the learnings, delivered tangible results and live it every day in the work we do.

Jen Smith
Co-Founder, Craft Media

I can say without hyperbole that working with Jim was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had in my career. Months on I’m still feeling the effect of how it has helped me to grow personally, in ways both tangible and tacit.